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Stephanie Quayle’s new much anticipated album LOVE THE WAY YOU SEE ME captures the heart of storytelling as she offers the genre a fresh sound, relatable storylines and an invigorating presence that is unmatched in today’s musical spectrum. Harnessing her signature passion and pairing it with an authentic artistry, fans can expect to hear and feel exactly what they didn’t know they were missing.

“This music has changed me and I have found what I believe to be my place in country music. I have never been more comfortable in my voice and skin as I am today.”

Rising country artist Stephanie Quayle continues to captivate listeners whether she is on stage in a packed venue or a small intimate setting. Recently invited to perform for five former U.S. presidents (Obama, W. Bush, Clinton, H.W.Bush and Carter) as part of the hurricane relief concert "Deep From The Heart: The One America Appeal" in Texas, the vibrant blonde’s radiating energy and booming personality grabs hold of an audience and doesn’t let go as she belts out her songs from behind her guitar and piano.

“Man, country music is better off with [Stephanie Quayle] in it!”

Nashville is buzzing about the rising star. Rolling Stone Country named Quayle a Top 10 “Artist You Need To Know;” Billboard.com filmed the exclusive performance on top of the Empire State Building; Our Own Nashville calls the new album one of the “most refreshing good albums” heard in awhile; and attended the star-studded Farrah Fawcett Foundation benefit event as a special guest and performer.

City Stage Date
London TOWN SQUARE STAGE Saturday 10th March 2018 at 11:10am
London TOWN SQUARE STAGE Sunday 11th March 2018 at 12:30pm
London C2C SESSIONS - NY-LON Saturday 10th March 2018 at 13:50pm