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A confessional, no nonsense singer-songwriter, and one whose voice and perspective brims with relatability, Hayes is a tried and true Nashville standout. He’s an original in a town all too often rife with mimicry and compromise. And now he has audiences flocking to him in a major way. Conversational, honest and real in song, Hayes’ forthcoming debut album is the voice of a grinder laying it bare. It’s the stories of a man who realised the songs he couldn’t help but write about family struggle vices and the sacrifices we make for a dream were his and his alone. “It startles some people. Like ‘Wow, he’s really putting out there’ Hayes says of the raw songwriting that characterises boom and last year’s two breakout 8 Tracks releases “But that’s what my heroes did,” he says referencing the Willie’s and Waylon’s and Merle’s of the world. “I can only write something if I truly feel it".

City Stage Date
London Sunday 11th March 2018